There is only one level of service with us.  Absolute market domination.  Every client gets platinum level SEO. We hold nothing back for any client period.  We do offer two options for investment.  One costs more money and the other much less money.  $995 a month is far less in comparison to the increased revenue we create and that is why it is our most popular option.  Revenue Sharing could very easily end up being a multiple of the simple month to month plan.  Nonetheless, some owners prefer the feeling of total alignment that revenue sharing provides regardless of the added expense against all the new revenue being generated.  We are happy to share in your success whichever option you choose.  It is entirely up to you.  

Month to Month

No contracts, no obligations, no hassle
$ 995 Monthly
  • Massive increase in rankings
  • Try us for 60 days
  • 100% guaranteed results

Revenue Sharing

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$ Rev Split Monthly
  • Keep 100% of your current monthly revenue
  • Split the incremental increased revenue you earn
  • One time set up fee of $1000; deducted from our first split

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